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F1 Grand Prix Contestant: Major Scout Guy by Shadowz574 F1 Grand Prix Contestant: Major Scout Guy by Shadowz574
Rivals! They are...FRIENDS, YET POWERFUL FOES! The dramatic fighting tournament between freakshows! A new about to start! May the freakiest of all freaks, COME ON DOWN!

Yes, I went there, as a way to freshen up my photshoppin' skills I have made this, a poster of what TF2 Freaks x Persona 4 Arena would look like, with the contestant being none other than MSG himself.

For any who are unaware, Persona 4 Arena is a fighting game that has a number of high school students, all of whom who are friends and "Persona Users", individuals who are able to summon monsters to fight for them, forced to fight against each other in the P1 Grand Prix, they're shown on TV and have rather ungraceful epithets, hence why Major is called the Eyeless Egotist Merc and it is the F1 Grand Prix, since we're using freaks instead of Personae. =p

Anyway, let's FIGHT, and survive towards the one throne waiting at the end! The F1 Grand Prix where fierce fights will be fought! The battle begins tonight!
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June 7, 2014
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